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BLINK - Ultra Plus Individual Eyelash Glue - 5ml Bottle

BLINK - Ultra Plus Individual Eyelash Glue - 5ml Bottle


Out of stock.

An extremely strong professional adhesive manufactured by Blink - an excellent choice for professional use. 

This is one of the strongest glues available on the market with a super quick drying time of only a couple of seconds allowing you to work at great speed.

Bonding Time - 5/6 weeks

Drying Time - 1-2 seconds (even quicker than the Blink Ultra Bonding)

Colour - Black

Size - 5ml

Fumes - Strong

Consistency - thin

Shelf Life - 1 Year (Use within 3 months of opening)

Manufacturer - Blink

Note : Store at room temperature (do not store in a refridgerator) / Not recommended for sensitive eyes.

Important - This Glue should only be applied by a Qualified Beauty Therapist (not for self application)

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