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C Curl 0.15 Thickness Mix Lengths ELLIPSE (FLAT) Individual Eyelash Tray

C Curl 0.15 Thickness Mix Lengths ELLIPSE (FLAT) Individual Eyelash Tray


12 rows of high quality Ellipse (flat) lashes

Quantity:  at  £13.95  each

3 in stock.

Our New Ellipse (flat) Lashes provide the thickness of a 0.15mm thickness lash but with the weight and softness of a 0.07mm lash. The Oval Shape and rhomboid structure creates a wider lash without additional weight.  This clever design also provides superb bonding as these lashes are designed to wrap perfectly around the natural lash. 

Perfect for stacking.  The oval shape acts as a base to stack lashes on top. Create a full and volumous look very quickly and easily with these lightweight thicker lashes. Easy to pick up, easy to place.

Mix Length Tray, Line 1 (8mm) Line 2 (9mm) Lines 3-4 (10mm) Lines 5-6 (11mm) Lines 7-8 (12mm) Lines 9-10 (13mm) Lines 11-12 (14mm)

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